Black Cow first opened its doors in 2016 with one goal in mind; to serve Singapore with the most authentic Sukiyaki from Japan’s renowned Kanto region. This, together with our delectable selection of Shabu Shabu, elaborate dishes, and our curated Sake bar are the very foundation of Black Cow’s philosophy.

But at Black Cow we like to go above and beyond. Impeccable service and attention to detail stand true down to our core, starting with making our guests feel comfortable the moment they walk through our doors down to the refined presentation of our meals. Ambience is key with the unique pairing of marble and wooden details that contrast with our locale’s glass exterior, beautifully capturing our philosophy of classic meets contemporary.

We use the freshest produce — straight from Japan’s finest farms. Nothing less than A3 marbled beef stars in our dishes. Our passionate chefs meticulously prepare every single dish from scratch in our kitchens, where nothing short of excellence is applauded.

From concept to theory right down to execution, we at Black Cow promise to elevate and deliver the true Japanese craft of classical, refined cuisine without ever having to leave Singapore.

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